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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Meko and Jacks protecting houseFrom the teacup Chihuahua to the mighty Great Dane, our loyal pets, specifically dogs, are there to protect us, or so they imagine. Our three girls, all just slightly over ten pounds each, could do a job on an intruder's ankles should they decide to come into our home uninvited. I've often thought about getting a bigger dog just for protection, as a guard dog when we are not home, or when Jim is away and I'm alone with the little dogs. But big or small, I've heard that the barking of any dog is often enough to scare away a potential intruder. People even buy a barking dog tape that barks periodically or perhaps when it detects someone around the outside of the house. Either way, anyone trying to break in knows that there is a dog in the house and it will do what it must to protect its master and home. 

Of course, this is another good reason to have a dog, even if you have to leave to go to work everyday. A dog is just happy when you return home each night - and then you can make up for it on the weekends by giving your loyal friend extra attention in the form of walks and snuggles.





Meko and Jacks protecting us from our friend who is about to enter


Meko with her favorite toy, Grunty

 For several months now Meko, our oldest (and my favorite....shhh, don't tell the other girls) and the one I wrote about in my book, The Miracle Dog, has been coughing a lot. She used to cough when she played too hard and ran around too much. But now she is coughing daily, when she gets up from a nap, when she is walking around, even when she changes sleeping position during the night (which means, none of us are getting a very restful sleep most nights).

Although I hate to think about it, she is getting older (she will be 12 years old in November). She has been through a lot, more than most dogs since she fought and survived IMHA (Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia). But she keeps going, enjoys life, playing, suckling her toys, and snuggling and I believe she has many more years left in her.

As for the coughing, what we found out is that she has a heart murmur and as she ages, she has more problems with her heart. She is currently on low doses of Enalapril and we just started her on Lasix. Since it has only been 5 days, I have seen little improvement from the Lasix (which cuts down on the fluid in her lungs and helps her breathe easier). But like a lot of medication, we have to give it time. She has good days and not so good days. But Meko, our little fighter, isn't in a big hurry to leave this world, not while there is still pizza to eat!!!


Kitsu nursing sore footAlthough it is hard to believe that our animals have feelings of jealousy or dislike for other pack members, sometimes I see evidence of it in their behavior toward each other (or maybe it is just me humanizing my dogs?)

Recently, Kitsu, our newest pack member, has been having her own unusual health issues. Now, we have had Meko since she was two months old and now, at nearly 12, she is definitely our number one girl. She also has the most personality of our three dogs. Meko has been coughing a lot, a symptom of an enlarged heart. Because of her coughing, we are giving her extra attention. Kitsu, who has been healthy since we got her a year and a half ago (she will be 8 in about a week) knows she takes a back seat to Meko, always. But suddenly she has a variety of issues that is getting her nearly equal time in the attention department. 

She has been a good jumper since the day we got her and she'll jump up on your chair (with little notice) and she runs up a flight of stairs, taking them two at a time. About a week ago, I heard a lot of stumbling as she followed me upstairs and tripped. When I went to check on her, she was holding her paw up. Over the week this happened another time or two and then she jumped off the bed, which was never a problem before, but now this seemed to do more damage than either of us liked.

We are off to the vet's office tomorrow. I do believe she strained her ankle or did some damage to her foot, and we'll find out for sure tomorrow. But she is really building it up, too. She is getting more attention than before, so whether she really hurt her foot or not, it worked!



From the time she was a pupMeko with the enemypy, Meko has had an unusual relationship with, in particular, vacuum cleaners, brooms, dust busters, and bug vacuums. The more noise the cleaner makes, the more evil it is. The only thing we can think is that when she was very young, in the two months before she came to live with us, she must have been swept out of the way and out from under-foot by brooms and other sweeping items. Therefore, she has developed a lack of tolerance for any such item. She just hates them and has to attack whenever I take them out of their hiding places in closets. She will follow me around when I vacuum and she'll bite at the hose, barking non-stop.


Although it is adorable to watch her attacking the vacuum, broom, etc., after awhile, the barking is too much and I have to either put her outside for a short time-out, or put her upstairs, away from where I am vacuuming. Either way, I have no doubt she believes that once again, she did her job to protect us from the evil appliances!







As a self-proclaimed bibliophile (means 'lover of books' and 'book-collector' of which I am both), I am always looking for a good animal story. Unfortunately, a lot of the ones I find out about or that others suggest to me end up as sad stories with some kind of abuse against the animals. But I have read some that are worth noting here and are really good stories. I have also included a few that were recommended to me but that I have not yet read. One of my goals this year is to read two books a month (I have read 12 books as of the end of June so I am right on schedule) therefore I am quite sure that at least a couple of the books on my 'books not read yet' list will end up on my 'books I read' list later this year.


Books I Read

All the James Herriot "All Creatures...." series books

Wesley the Owl

A Dog's Life

An Eagle Named Freedom

The Art of Racing in the Rain

Betty and Friends - My Life at the Zoo

Zoe's Cats


Books Not Read Yet

Summers with Bears

Never Cry Wolf

Zamba: True Story of Greatest Lion That Ever Lived

100 Heartbeats: The Race to Save Earth's Most Endangered Species

The Dog That Wouldn't Be





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