DJ and Jim share a passion for saving animals and they have made that their purpose in life. Based on DJ's artwork, they created www.EyeHelpAnimals.com to save wildlife. An exclusive line of products featuring DJ's paintings of wild animal eyes are offered for sale with 25% of all profits donated to wildife conservation and habitat preservation organizations worldwide.

And now, once again, DJ and Jim are using DJ's artwork in Help Shelter Pets exclusive line of dog breed notecards and cat breed notecards to support Local Animal Shelters around the country!

Animals on our planet have as much right to be here as do humans. Without the wildlife on this planet, humans could not survive. DJ and Jim believe our home, planet Earth, should be treated with love and respect and that includes all living creatures that live on it.


Making a Difference

Help Shelter Pets cofounders DJ Geribo & Jim Fontaine are Making a DifferenceDJ and Jim are determined to do everything possible to help all animals on this earth. From the African Lion roaming the African plains to the Pomeranian curled up on your lap, all animals have as much right to a safe, protected, and secure life as each and every human does. They feel that, with their passion, this is what they must do and are thrilled that not only do they share this passion to help all animals but that they are able to combine their skills to create items for sale with a percentage of each going to the various organizations that help save animals.

  • Jim made a commitment to never purchase or consume bottled water after seeing a report on Albatross that suffer untimely deaths when they eat trash floating in our oceans. The contents of these unfortunate Albatross' stomachs clearly show plastic bottle caps among the litter consumed.
  • DJ and Jim pick up trash along a two-mile stretch of their road in the name of wildlife conservation. Among the debris they pick up are broken beer bottles, styrofoam cups, plastic bottles and caps, soda cans, fast food packaging, and more.
  • DJ refuses to purchase styrofoam plates or cups. Reports on styrofoam show the dangers of this material to both consumers and the environment.

Nearly everything they do and purchase they do consciously with the health of the planet and the health of animals in mind. It is a continuous learning experience for both of them and they share these experiences with others through their websites, blogging, and talking face to face with everyone they meet. They are in this till the end. Join them on their path to good planet health both for us and for the animals in our world.