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There are no rules to naming your pet. Unlike children whose parents often name them after themselves (so there is a "junior") or a grandparent or they want a Christian name for their newborn, dogs and cats often end up with some of the silliest names. Some of the recent silly names that people are naming their pets are colors (friends of ours call their cocker spaniel Mr. Blue), months (April, May, always popular, even for people), days of the weeks (seven up, 7-11), and states (Carolina, Philly). There are always cute names, based on your pet's looks (furball, snowball) and names after Hollywood stars (Rocky for a bulldog or Arnold for a doberman).

We always check every source, from baby name books to the internet, when thinking of names for our pets. And it seems to take longer to come up with a name than it does to actually decide on which puppy to buy (never from a pet store). The names of our dogs were decided on after much careful consideration. And now that they have each had their names for quite sometime, I really think the names fit them perfectly!


Kameko ("Meko")


Kitsune ("Kitsu")


Jacquay ("Jacqs")