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Meko asleep on couchYes, our girls do spend a lot of time napping throughout the day, especially when we are busy working and don't have time to play with them. I'm actually surprised that Meko, sleeping soundly here, was awake most of this day especially since she woke me at 3:30am and spent the next few hours barking until I came downstairs at 7:30am.

And why was she barking? She and Kitsu, my other Pomeranian, sleep on my bed. They usually sleep through the night but this past summer Meko was getting up a lot during the night, looking for a drink of water and needing to pee. She was getting up quite regularly and I was getting tired of it, literally! Dogs love their routines and this was becoming too much of a routine. So I had her sleep downstairs and then she would come up at 5-5:30am, waiting to come back up on the bed and sleep for a couple more hours until it was time to get up.

Last night she was on the bed and jumped off to go downstairs. I put her in the kitchen, put papers on the floor for her to use along with one of the beds that we have in the living room for her to use, and I went back to bed. She was not happy about this arrangement and proceeded to bark, thinking she would get her way. She didn't. I was as stubborn about not setting up this routine as she was about getting back up to my bed.

Unfortunately, last night it was at the expense of any of us getting any sleep!