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cat wrapped in blanket watercolor painting by artist DJ Geribo


There are lots of fun facts about cats and I found a few recently on the Purina website. One that I found very interesting, that a lot of you may not know, is that cats purr without taking a breath - they actually purr while inhaling and exhaling.

Another common misconception about cats is that they can see in the dark. They can, rather, see quite well in low light. In fact, they see about six times better than humans can at night. It all has to do with the construction of the cats' eyes which allow in more light. Which probably explains why they like going on the prowl at night.

Cats have amazing hearing such as the high-pitched sounds rats and mice make to communicate. This helps make them excellent hunters for reducing the rodent population in your home.

Although we do not have cats in our home since Jim is allergic, if he was not, I'm sure we would have at least one cat which would put us into the group of people who live with America's favorite pet (81 million). About 72 million homes have dogs.

If you've ever wondered why cats have such long whiskers, rest assured they aren't just for looks. They use their whiskers to measure whether or not they can fit through tight spaces. It also helps them detect objects when walking around in the dark. This is why you should never cut a cat's whiskers.