Meko the Miracle Dog

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Meko - The Miracle Dog


I wrote this book about our sweet Pomeranian, Kameko, who contracted IMHA - Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia - in July of 2010.  This book is a detailed account of the course of action we took to save our Meko's life when she was given a 30-50% chance of survival.  Read our story and what we did to bring our Meko back to good health.

The mortality associated with IMHA is documented to be between 30% and 70%.  If you love your dog (or cat), as much as we love our Meko, you should know that it takes a significant commitment to successfully treat your pet if it's diagnosed with IMHA.  We made that commitment and experienced a positive outcome.  We hope that sharing our story helps anyone whose pet is diagnosed with IMHA.

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