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News about Help Shelter Pets.

Wagon Train Chicken JerkyThe death toll is going up, and there is no known cause. So the FDA is asking for your help. They need details on blood, tissue, and urine samples from affected pets to try to figure out the cause of death for many pets, mostly dogs. If your dog is vomiting, has diarrhea, decreased appetite and activity, and increased water consumption after eating the jerky treats, see your veterinarian immediately. Some dogs have also suffered kidney failure. If your dog becomes sick, stop the treats immediately, consult your veterinarian, and save the product for further testing.

The problem could be coming from China, where they are manufactured (even though the packaging says USA, the product is coming from China).The USA Today article states that, "Poor food safety remains a major problem in China despite numerous recently publicized crackdowns...and some manufacturers continue to break the law by using fake, low-quality or toxic ingredients to boost profit margin."

To date, more than 3600 dogs and cats have been sickened from the treats coming from China and over 580 have died since 2007. The number of deaths and illnesses has risen since January.

If you care about your pet, please boycott these jerky treats and tell the store where you purchased them to stop stocking their shelves with this deadly treat.


Warning!! Proctor and Gamble has announced a recall of its Eukanuba and Iams brands of pet food because of the potential for contamination from salmonella. Pet owners as well should be aware that touching the tainted food and not thoroughly washing their hands could infect them as well.

Although the percentage of cat and dog food recalled represents only 0.1 percent, the food has been distributed around the country. If you purchased either product with the "best by" date the first two weeks of November, 2014, discard the product and contact Proctor and Gamble at (800) 208-0172 or go online to or to report the purchase.

If your dog or cat displays symptoms of lethargy, diarrhea, fever, and vomiting you should contact their veterinarian immediately. If you suspect you may have come in contact with a tainted product you will display similar symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramping. You should contact your doctor for a course of action for your recovery.



Just about the only thing that astonishes me about humans is their ability to inflict pain on innocent animals. (I am also astonished at their ability to inflict pain on their fellow humans as well, but that’s another story). The latest is the story about the Florida man who is collecting the neighborhood animals and skinning them. That’s right, skinning them, meaning taking their skin off of their bodies and doing who knows what with them (I’m guessing he’s selling their skins to foreign countries that use skins to cover a variety of trinkets).

The animal skins he has been collecting are none other than our household pets, cats and dogs. The pets we spend our days and nights with, who look to us for protection and who likewise protect us. Who snuggle, cuddle, and fall asleep on our laps (that is, the ones who fit on our laps). In other words, our family members.

You’ll excuse me for not telling you more of the story but I could not bring myself to read more about this monster. It brought back memories of Jeffrey Dahmer and other serial murderers who dismember their victims and feel no emotion for their heinous crimes. I’ve read that they often start by torturing small animals when they are young. Now according to this monster’s father, he liked animals when he was a boy. Really? How did he show his love for them and what happened to them? It often amazes me how little the parents of serial murderers/torturers know about their children as I’ve heard again and again that ‘he was a good boy’.

The punishment should fit the crime and in this case the monster who killed and tortured all those animals should be skinned and thrown in a pile to rot.

Anyone have any better ideas?

If you remember, back in February, we lost our sweet tiny Binka when a piece of chicken jerky got stuck in her esophagus and she hemorraghed when the vet, in surgery, tried to push the piece into her stomach. It was a horribly sad day for us and one that I still remember like it was yesterday. The thought that any other dog would go through this is heartbreaking. But I'm still seeing stories about the chicken jerky in the news, with the death toll over 360 for dogs and one cat. But it wasn't from choking, it was from a variety of illnesses such as diarrhea, vomiting, kidney failure, Fanconi syndrome (a disorder of the kidney tubes), and death. It was disturbing to me that people were still ignoring these warnings, claiming that they saw no adverse affect on their pet. One particular woman said she brought these treats to the dog park and gave them to all the other pets. This woman is endangering the lives of all these other dogs since kidney failure can take months before showing up. And then who will pay for the expenses to try to save the dog's life? Owners need to take responsibility and prevent insensitive people from possibly poisoning their pet. And Walmart and other stores need to remove these products from their shelves. The problem with the jerky treats is possibly from the irradiation used to sterilize the product. To find out more, search Vitals on

We had a call from the NH Union Leader a week or so ago for an interview.  A neighbor of ours told us about this great article when they saw it.  Thank you to Larissa Mulkern for doing an excellent job helping us to tell our story!

NH Union Leader Article about Help Shelter Pets published on 3-8-12