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So you're going on vacation. Great! But you have a dog or a cat or both or more than one ofshetland sheepdog notecard by dj geribo at help shelter pets detail image each. What do you do? Do you bring him, her, or them along with you? More often than not, the best solution for your pet(s) is to leave them at home (with a sitter or a relative). They are most comfortable in familiar surroundings, even though they will most likely miss you, too.

If you decide to board them in a kennel, check the references and inspect the kennel before you leave your pet. Ask your veterinarian or a local shelter for references. If you hire a pet sitter again you should check references, preferably from people you know who have used the sitter before. They are also the best people to talk to about a reputable pet sitter.

If you do leave your pet with a sitter or a kennel, make sure you leave them your contact information, the phone number of your veterinarian, inform them of any dietary restrictions or medication your pet needs. And be sure your pet is comfortable with the person you've chosen to leave them with before you go off for a week or two.

If you do decide to bring your pet along (cats, by the way, don't enjoy change so bringing them along is not a good idea) be sure to bring health certificates and other medical records you may need to show when traveling with your pet, especially overseas. And do not fly with your pet if the only way they can fly is in the cargo hold of a plane - this can be a dangerous and stressful situation for your pet.


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