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tibetan spaniel notecard by dj geribo at help shelter pets thumbnail imageHere in the U.S. we like to condemn China and Korea for eating dog and cat meat. But did you know that dog and cat meat is legal to eat in 44 U.S. states? That's right, only Michigan, Virginia, California, Hawaii, New York, and Georgia specifically prohibit the consumption of dogs and cats.

You may wonder why it isn't a law in more states. Well, mostly because it isn't a wide-spread problem. For the majority of people, their dog or cat is a family pet, certainly not something they consider raising to later eat as food.

Some claim that here in the U.S. puppy mills are breeding dogs for human consumption. It is time for the federal government to clarify animal cruelty laws to explicitly ban the killing and consumption of domestic animals.

To show your support, sign the petition calling on the FDA to ban the consumption of dogs and cats.


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