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I just read a very interesting article that was also very surprising.  Cats carry an antigen that cat owners, who orange tabby cat notecard by dj geribo at help shelter pets thumbnail imagereacted to their pet allergen, had a 90% increased risk of glaucoma compared with non-pet owners. On the other hand, dog owners were 20 % less likely to develop the debilitating condition.

"Allergens from cats may have biochemical or physical properties that trigger antibodies targeting the optic nerve, while dog allergens may behave differently, possibly because dogs spend more time outdoors," said Dr. Anne Coleman of UCLA.

"Cats could cause our immune system to react in a way that predispose eyes to the development of glaucoma...whereas exposure to dogs appears to be linked to the opposite effect and could be protective against the disease." British laser eye surgeon Dr. David Allamby also said that "'s best friend may also save your sight."

For more information and to read the complete article, go to under science news.

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