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norwegian forest cat notecard by dj geribo at help shelter pets detail imageThings that might seem obviously toxic to us do not always appear that way to our pets. Therefore, it is our job to remember to keep these particular products out of their reach. Also, products that are not at all toxic to us can be fatal to our pets. Every pet owner should make themselves aware of the products or items that we need to keep out of the reach of our pets at all times. The most common pet toxins are:

1. Human prescription medications - this was the number one toxin that pets got into.

2. Over-the-counter medications - this includes herbal and other natural supplements.

3. Insecticides - these products can be very dangerous - follow all label directions carefully.

4. Household items- this includes paints and cleaning products.

5. Human foods - onions, garlic, grapes, raisins, and xylitol (sugar substitute found in gum) are all life-threatening for animals.

6. Veterinary medicines - some pet medications are intentionally attractive to pets but should be kept out of reach to avoid an overdose.

7. Chocolate - the darker the chocolate the more potential to do harm.

8. Plants - many plants are particularly toxic to cats.

9. Rodenticides - used to kill mice and rats but can kill pets if ingested.

10. Lawn and garden products - these were toxic mostly because they were accessible to pets and were not stored properly.

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