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phoca thumb l camouflaged-kitty-painting-by-artist-dj-geriboAmong all the cat myths we've heard, the one that states that 'cats always land on their feet', is perhaps one that is most well-known. But, you may wonder, is it true? The simple answer is 'no.'

In an article on Paw Nation, a cat has a better chance of righting himself if he falls from a height greater than one to two-stories. As he falls, he is able to spread his weight across his body to slow down his fall causing less of an injury than an animal falling from a lower height. Of course, the consequences of such a fall can also cause the animal to sustain a variety of internal injuries, from skin lacerations to organ injuries and fractures. Also, if a cat is obese or physically compromised in any way, it may not be able to right itself, no matter how long or short the fall. The bottom line: It is best to keep your cat away from an open window or area where there is a possibility of him falling a great distance and sustaining irreparable injuries.

In other words, don't test the myth!



  Painting of 'Camouflaged Kitty' by DJ Geribo