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phoca thumb l piglet-bath-nap-painting-by-artist-dj-geriboWe all know how much our dogs want to please us. But sometimes they can go overboard when they want to continue to play when it is too hot to do so. They can suffer from heat stroke the same as we can and it is up to us to assure that they are safe and kept cool.

If you are going out and want to take your dog or cat with you, be sure that, wherever you go, your pet will be cool. If you leave them in the car, keep your car running. In a matter of minutes the inside of a vehicle can reach temps well over 100 degrees. These temperatures can have devastating effects on your pet.

If your pet is overweight, put them on a diet and make sure they get plenty of exercise. Also, for long-haired breeds, those double coats can be heavy and uncomfortable. But remember, if you give them a 'summer shave', be sure to keep them out of the hot sun because their skin, like ours can get sun-burned. Although you might be tempted to put sunscreen on your pet, doing so can cause your pet to lick it off, which can make your pet sick.

If you put them outside, be sure to put them in an area that provides a lot of shade. And although it may be shady in the early morning before you leave for work, you should realize that the sun will move during the day and your pet may be stuck with the hot sun beating down on them with no place to go to get out of it. Also, provide an area other than on asphalt which can easily burn the sensitive pads on their feet.

Ice cubes are a good summer treat for your pet. They sometimes tend to drink too much water to cool themselves off and then end up throwing up some of the water. Ice cubes are a good way for them to get the water they need without drinking too much.

If you want to cool your pet down in a hurry, put cool water on their feet. Unlike people, dogs don't sweat but instead cool themselves through their panting and their feet. When one of my Pomeranians was a puppy, she would dig in her water bowl.

Again, although an ice cream always seems to make us feel better in the hot summer, avoid such treats for your pets who can be lactose-intolerant. All of my dogs have had a problem with dairy over the years. Dairy products can cause diarrhea in both dogs and cats. Ice cream is also high in sugar and fat, neither of which your pet needs. There are treats for dogs on the market that are milk-free or you can make your own. You can also put cat-nip into an ice cube for a treat for your cat.

(Painting of Pig Napping in Water Bowl by DJ Geribo)