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smellingyourface copyWhen we got our first dog, we were clueless about so many things and the ways to properly care for her. Fortunately over the years we've learned a lot about what and what not to do. And we are still learning. But one of the things we've learned and that we are adamant about in caring for our dogs, is not to over-immunize. Now, I'm sure your vet will tell you otherwise, but even our vet is saying they probably don't need it yearly (she recommends every 2-3 years). But we have found another system that works even better for us. We are having titers done for our dogs. There are pros and cons for having titers done as well, as I'm sure you'll find if you search the internet, but this is what works for us and I feel much better about caring for my pets this way.

Although titers are more expensive, it is well worth it to me to have a titer done (a blood test checks to see if your dog still has the immunities against the disease they are vaccinated for) instead of just giving my dogs a vaccination year after year after year, when they might not need it. Like we would do for ourselves, we are more interested in taking care of our pets in a more natural way, and that means not giving them vaccinations without question.

The important issue is to always give your pets the best care you can provide to keep them in the best health for many years to come.