Meko the Miracle Dog

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From the time she was a pupMeko with the enemypy, Meko has had an unusual relationship with, in particular, vacuum cleaners, brooms, dust busters, and bug vacuums. The more noise the cleaner makes, the more evil it is. The only thing we can think is that when she was very young, in the two months before she came to live with us, she must have been swept out of the way and out from under-foot by brooms and other sweeping items. Therefore, she has developed a lack of tolerance for any such item. She just hates them and has to attack whenever I take them out of their hiding places in closets. She will follow me around when I vacuum and she'll bite at the hose, barking non-stop.


Although it is adorable to watch her attacking the vacuum, broom, etc., after awhile, the barking is too much and I have to either put her outside for a short time-out, or put her upstairs, away from where I am vacuuming. Either way, I have no doubt she believes that once again, she did her job to protect us from the evil appliances!