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As a self-proclaimed bibliophile (means 'lover of books' and 'book-collector' of which I am both), I am always looking for a good animal story. Unfortunately, a lot of the ones I find out about or that others suggest to me end up as sad stories with some kind of abuse against the animals. But I have read some that are worth noting here and are really good stories. I have also included a few that were recommended to me but that I have not yet read. One of my goals this year is to read two books a month (I have read 12 books as of the end of June so I am right on schedule) therefore I am quite sure that at least a couple of the books on my 'books not read yet' list will end up on my 'books I read' list later this year.


Books I Read

All the James Herriot "All Creatures...." series books

Wesley the Owl

A Dog's Life

An Eagle Named Freedom

The Art of Racing in the Rain

Betty and Friends - My Life at the Zoo

Zoe's Cats


Books Not Read Yet

Summers with Bears

Never Cry Wolf

Zamba: True Story of Greatest Lion That Ever Lived

100 Heartbeats: The Race to Save Earth's Most Endangered Species

The Dog That Wouldn't Be