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Additional Ordering Information

About the Cards

  1. All of our Help Shelter Pets Notecards are faithful reproductions of the original, whimsical, comical, and absolutely fun series of watercolor paintings created by Help Shelter Pets cofounder DJ Geribo.
  2. The notecards you receive will not have the "Help Shelter Pets" watermark across them. This is only to protect our images from unauthorized reproduction from our website. All of the images are copyright protected with the Library of Congress.

About Your Order

  1. All cards come 5 to a box with envelopes and 10% of the sales price goes directly to support the local animal shelter of your choice. There is absolutely no cost to the local animal shelters we support! You may submit your local  animal shelter for inclusion in our growing list of supported shelters by completing our Shelter Submission Form.
  2. Your order is processed safely and securely using PayPal. Your credit card statement will reflect payment to
    "Positively Creative Solutions, LLC" which is the parent company of Help Shelter Pets.
  3. When you select a shelter, you will see that shelter in your PayPal shopping cart with a price of $ 0.01 -- this is simply because PayPal does not allow us to create a simple button for an item with a price of $ 0.00. We will donate this penny to the shelter of your choice in addition to the 10% donated!
  4. Please allow 5-7 days for your order to be processed and shipped to you.

If you have any questions, please Contact Us and we'll be happy to assist you!


Thank you for helping to support local animal shelters!  All animals deserve a life that is free from pain and suffering and we're proud to support a growing number of local animal shelters through the sale of our exclusive notecards.